Voice Coach Gillian Cohen has taught, examined and lectured in Voice, Speech & Drama and Presentation Skills for over 30 years – in the public and private sector, in education and in commerce.

Her work encompasses Acting and Voiceovers, Business and Management Presentation and Staff Training Courses.

She has written 2 books: ‘Our Living Language’ published by LCM Examinations in 1998, re-printed in 2003.

‘The Expert’s Guide to Speaking in Public’ published by ‘The Maven Publishing Co. in 2007.

She also co-authored ‘Producing a Safe Voice – the 5 Steps’ in 2000 & ‘Call Centre Workers as Professional Voice Users’ in 2003, both published by Voice Care Network UK.

Her next book and audiobook ‘The Story Of You & Me, Of Us’ – a guide to successful communication – to be published by The Imprint Publishing Co.

Her podcast series ‘CONVERSATION PIECE’ – continuing the discussion on what it takes to become an Effective Communicator – will be available soon.

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The confidence that comes from knowing we are able to express ourselves with ease, extends to all areas of our lives.

My tag line is “be the very best version of you – perfect your communication skills”

Discover how our voice, speech and non-verbal language reflects the image we portray to the world.

Learn how we can simply and effectively implement change, so that our communication skills can reveal who we really are.

Explore Mind Matters – and why this is a key concept to becoming a more effective Communicator.

Connect with me on Linkedin and read my posts on the strategies that will ensure your success!

Email me at gillian@livinglanguage.co.uk to discuss your company’s or your own requirements. I look forward to hearing from you!

All work undertaken in the strictest confidence.


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Senior Examiner & Moderator for the London College of Music and Examiner for Trinity/Guildhall.

Voice Coach at Salford University Performing Arts Degree Course.

Staff Training for Government Depts.

Tutor Member of VoiceCare Network.

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